Found another Baton Rouge Private Investigator!

Hi, everyone I just wanted to post another private investigator Baton Rouge has is a great company named Falcon Investigations!   Please contact them!  Are you can also contact the same company I was telling you about a few weeks ago.

CRESCENT INVESTIGATIONS, LLC serves a lot of the surrounding areas around the great Baton Rouge Area.  They seem to be the most knowledgeable were it comes to job.  They like to operate around the Slidell & New Orleans for private investigating their jobs.  But they will travel if needed.

Tips for While Hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is a lot of hard work than is visible. Most of you are doing so for the first time and while you could always ask around for more information, it is doubtful anyone can be of great use to you. This is simply because the relation between a private investigator and his client is very secretive. So how do you know more? Simple. Here are tips that will assist you to understand all the important things that you need to keep in mind while hiring your very first private investigator.

Remember to check whether your private investigator is licensed: you might as well ask a friend of yours or someone you trust to follow your spouse, but remember if you are ever caught and he or she cannot produce a legal license to investigate, both of you can be booked under a civil or criminal liability for harassing or stalking someone. Hence it is always safe to hire someone with a proper license for the job. An investigator with his license shows that he is obliging with the norms of the state and in doing so is posing no large threat to someone else. So do not hire someone who is not even serious about his profession to get a proper license.  You want to look on the company website like this Baton Rouge and New Orleans Private Investigator that has the information on the home page of their website!

Does you private investigator have necessary experience on your case type: just having a license doesn’t prove that the private investigator you are confronting with expertise on the kind of case you are tackling. Ask as many questions the first time you meet them. Try to know your private investigator to the point that you are willing to thrust the sensitive case into the hands of a complete stranger. A good private investigator will always come out clear with the type of expertise your case needs and about his limitations.

Does your private investigator make you comfortable: above all, though, you need to keep in mind whether the person you are about to trust your case is trustworthy or not. No matter how much desperate your situation is, choosing a private investigator is something you should do level. He should not make you uncomfortable with overburdening you or making you more nervous. Cases like this don’t develop overnight and they won’t go away quickly. No situation should be a make or break one. If your private investigator tries to pressurize you to send his retainer so as not to miss an opportunity, get rid of him.  I would check them out good and find a company similar to the company Crescent Investigations, LLC because you can clearly see what you are getting for your hard earned money.

Please Do Not Hire Louisiana Contractor Paden Shilling – Scammer Alert

I hired Paden Shilling about 2 weeks ago and paid the guy $200 and he never finished the job. This is a Scammer Alert to stay away from this guy! He is from the Walker or Denham Springs Area! He also drives a white truck and his Facebook profile says he was an iron worker at The Dow Chemical Company and he also does Home Remodeling and he was a former Engineer Tech.  Like I said Paden Shilling is a total scammer!!!

Paden Shilling Scam

Take a look on Facebook or even do a phone lookup!